How to capture cumshots on video

May 21st, 2009

I’ll give you a couple of hints about catching the almighty cumshot on video. Next week, I will tell you how to capture the perfect cumshot on your digital photo camera.

It can often be very difficult to get good cumshot photos and capture it on video. For one thing models often forget to tell you when they are going to cum, so if you are not always on the ready they may shoot their load while you are focusing on the other model’s ass. For this reason, it’s always good to tell the model to let you know when they are getting close to that ‘magical moment’ so you can prepare your camera men for the shot.

When capturing the cumshot, it is great if you have 2 video cameras filming, one a bit further back and one to get in for a tighter shot. During editing, you can mix in both shots and it makes the scene more horny. I also like to get a separate close-up facial shot of the model ‘acting’ like he’s about to cum. However, for amateur producers I’ll explain how you can still get a great video of a cumshot with only one camera.

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Wade Lincoln, Director, Hot Desert Knights for Making Gay Porn.

Making Gay Porn Secret For a Bigger, Harder Dick

May 14th, 2009

Here is a little trick for how we get good dick, without the need for any cock rings, prescription drugs or other aids. You’ll notice our models at Hot Desert Knights have great cocks. Here’s one trick as to how we make them bigger. This works great for those guys that are uncut and have that pencil dick look, or for cut guys that look a little small when soft.

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Making Gay Porn

Gay Porn Models

May 7th, 2009

As a studio we tend to look for more than just good looks and great talent. A models ability to show up on time is also a major factor, so if your getting into porn don’t be late, you don’t want to piss off the director before you have even started. That will probably get you the hard boot, no hot hard dick!

Nelly does not sell, so if he can’t butch it up, we won’t want to use him in videos. He’ll work fine in still photos, because you can hide the feminine mannerisms. But keep in mind a lot of bottoms can’t get hard or shoot a load without something shoved up their ass.

How someone looks to the naked eye rarely translates in the camera’s eye. Some can look better while others will look worse. The camera puts 20 pounds on a person, so what looks good in person can look a little plump in photos. This is one reason why fashion models are so skinny. Sun light ages a person, so if you have a guy that’s a little older than you prefer, expect disappointing results when shooting him outdoors.

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Making Gay Porn

Making gay porn with Gay Sex Toys

April 30th, 2009

I’m a big believer in model safety, even if the models are not, which is why we get all of our bareback models tested under the authority of the Adult Industry Medical Association (AIM).

Unless you are hoping for a little “extra”, instruct models to douche before a shoot that involves anal penetration. You should not assume the model will know, or want, to do this.

We do not re-use sex toys, after they have been given to a model for use. Dildos can be purchased for less than ten dollars, so there is no reason to take chances with the model’s safety. That’s why we keep hundreds of dildoes (along with slings, nipple clamps, harnesses, lube, and much more) handy in our gay porn dungeon. Some of our bottoms can’t even get hard without something shoved up their ass, so it’s a good idea that’s paid off time and time again to have lots of toys handy.

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Making Gay Porn

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